Tips How to Record the Screen of Windows and the MacBook Laptop

The screen recording feature is very useful because it can record a meeting or virtual study session. Then it can be watched again at any time. The principle is to record the laptop screen display.

Here’s how to record the screen of Windows and MacBook laptop screens from various sources using native built-in apps and free apps.

Windows Game Bar

  • Already include in your Windows OS, using the Windows Game Bar
  • Press Windows Key + G on the keyboard to bring up the Game Bar feature.
  • Select the Capture menu, then select Screen Recording.
  • If you want to record with sound, activate the option “Turn On Mic While Screen Recording.”
  • After successfully recording screen activity, the recorded video will be automatically saved in an .mp4 format file.

Using OBS Studio

  • Install the OBS Studio application via the site.

Record the screen display with OBS Freeware Screen Recorder

  • Go to the Auto Configuration tab, select Optimize just for Screen Recording. I will not be streaming with the aim of maximizing video quality while recording.
  • Click Next, then select the required resolution and FPS.
  • Click the Next button again, then click Apply.
  • Press the + icon on OBS Studio, then select Display Capture.
  • Name it as you wish and press OK.

Using VLC Media Player

  • Install the VLC Player application via the site.
  • Open the VLC Player application, then select the Media menu.
  • Click the Open Capture Device option and look for it. Click Capture Mode, then select Desktop.
  • Click the down arrow next to the Play button, and select Convert.
  • Set the destination of the recording file, then click Start.
  • If you want to end the recording, click Stop Recording.

Record the Screen of MacBook

  • Press Command + Shift + 5 to activate the screen recorder feature.
  • In the toolbar, you can choose to record the entire screen, only the selected window or application, or only the selected part of the screen.
  • Click the Options button to set the save destination and countdown timer.
  • If it is set as needed, press the Record button.

Using QuickTime Player

  • Open the QuickTime Player
  • Click the File menu in the upper-right corner of the screen, or you can right-click the QuickTime Player icon in the dock.
  • Select the “New Screen Recorder” menu.
  • Then a new menu box will appear called “Screen Recording.” Before starting the recording by clicking on the red circle icon.
  • First, decide whether you want to record video with audio (sound) or not.
  • Click the arrow icon next to the record icon so a new menu appears. Choose a microphone if you also want to record sound from outside of your laptop (microphone). If you select “None”, thenĀ only the recorded audio will appear on the screen.

Additional tips to record the screen of all OS

In addition, users can also specify the screen area that will be included in the screen recording. If you want to record the entire screen display, first click any part of the screen area, and then click the record icon.

For recording only certain areas, click-drag in the desired area, then click the Start Recording menu that appears in the middle. When you have finished recording, press the icon used to start the recording process, or screen recording.

For the record, the laptop screen in question also includes a computer screen or an LCD monitor as well.

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